There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them 

Dancing is my heartbeat and it’s what I live for, it’s my oxygen. I will therefore not always be able to take it lightly. I will always show respect to the dance and all dancers, regardless of the level. One dances for their profession and the other just for fun. Both of them put their effort and their heart in it.

Believe in yourself 

and you will be unstoppable 


Franco Sparfeld

Your show with Quincy was certainly outstanding in many way, technically well executed and simply different.


Ling Woo:

Hi there. I just wanted to say I loved the festival it was amazing!! Will surely come back next time Special thanks to the girl who did the dips and tricks workshop with me (Zuyhela something like that?) it was so much fun, you rock girl!!!

So much fun

Lory Donna

I was impressed by the skills technical and teaching Zunaira displayed in the lesson Ladies Styling yesterday. She is very patient. Her elegant moves are an excellent examples for us beginners. She is also very kind and friendly and a great dancer of course. So glad I can been in her class.

Very Patient

Consuella Imgracia

Every single time that I took a workshop or lesson from Zunaira I left the room with confidence. I admire here teaching skills, always takes the time to explain and dont rush into a choreo. Thank you Zunaira for your patience and amazing dancing skills

Leaving With Confidence

Ellen Keith

I took a workshop with Zunaira recently and loved it! She pushed us hard, the energy level in the room was high, and it was a great atmosphere! She's a terrific dancer and teacher!

Pushing Hard

Varia M.:

Zunaira is not only a stunning dancer but also an excellent teacher. She's encouraging, patient, and creative in her approach, and I always leave her classes in a more positive mood.


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